“Muddy water, let stand, becomes clear”.

                                                            Lao Tzu

About Core Process Psychotherapy:

1. What is it?

Core Process Psychotherapy is a form of psychotherapy that draws upon and integrates Western psychotherapeutic theories and techniques with Buddhist psychology and mindfulness practices. It is a ‘depth’ psychotherapy in that it pays attention to early formative and developmental experiences and how they shape who we are today.

Despite its Buddhist influence, you do not have to be a Buddhist or even have any prior knowledge of meditation or mindfulness to work with a Core Process Psychotherapist. Nor do you have to hold any particular religious belief. You only need the intention to bring yourself as you are.

 2. How does it work?

Core Process Psychotherapy is based upon the assumption that at the ‘core’ of our experience lies a state of innate health or Awareness that is clear, spacious and unclouded by conditions of any kind.  At its heart, Core Process Psychotherapy holds the intention to reconnect with this state by paying attention to how we are in the present moment, through a practice known as Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is about gently noticing thoughts, feelings and physical sensations as they arise within the body and in the mind in an accepting, non-judgmental way.  This process of being with our experience can bring more clarity to the various ways that we have been ‘shaped’ by the past and how this expresses itself in the present.  Mindfulness can create the conditions for us to see our fixed, self-limiting beliefs with more clarity and fluidity,  enabling transformation to naturally occur.

3. Relationship is key

Core Process Psychotherapy can be described as mindfulness-in-relationship.  The relationship between therapist and client is an essential part of the work because it creates the safe container to gently bring awareness to those parts of ourselves that have been lost or locked away,  while also providing the raw materials to work through the self-limiting beliefs that keep us re-enacting the past.

Session Duration and Cost

Sessions are for an hour each time and we would aim – as far as possible – to meet on a weekly basis at the same time and day of the week.

I currently charge £55/hour for individual sessions although I also offer a limited number of  concessionary rates.

Please contact me for more information or if you would like to arrange an introductory meeting.