I see good supervision as an essential part of a practitioner’s healthy work life. Most importantly, it is a place where we can bring in our human-ness as practitioners, to develop and grow, and explore our own personal learning ‘edges’.

My personal approach to supervision is based on psychodynamic, transpersonal and humanistic perspectives.  I also enjoy working with people in an embodied, relational way. 


I have a Certificate in Mindfulness-based Supervision, a UKCP-recognised supervision qualification run by OPAL in Bath (UK).  The training is informed by mindfulness practice as well as contemporary supervision theory. 

As well as being a UKCP-accredited  Core Process Psychotherapist, I am also on the Association of Core Process Psychotherapists’ (ACPP) and Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy College’s (HIPC) directories as a Recognised Training Supervisor (RTS).  

I am continually updating and reflecting upon ways to enrich my work, both through my own personal development as well as doing additional trainings on working with sexuality, diversity, anger, mythology, pre- and peri-natal psychology and the deep imagination.  I am particularly interested in the impact of birth processes (including trauma) on personality development and have done a significant amount of further training and research in this area.

Additional Experience

I have over 13 years’ experience of working within the community/charity sector. This has included setting up and managing a mental health project that provided a range of services for individuals and families needing support as well as providing group and individual supervision for counsellors working for a charity that supports survivors of trauma and sexual abuse.  This work has exposed me to a variety of therapeutic approaches and also introduced me to some of the issues, opportunities and challenges inherent in organisational development, partnership working and the provision of community mental health services.

I am currently Chair of the Association of Core Process Psychotherapists (ACPP), an Organisational Member of UKCP that is tasked with overseeing and maintaining the ethical standards and supporting the good practice of its registered members. 

This experience, along with running a private practice, has given me a good understanding of the various practicalities, legal necessities and ethical considerations involved with running a successful practice, as well as the importance of holding appropriate boundaries and resourcing ourselves as practitioners.

Further information about my background and further training can be found here.


My full rate is £55/hour although I also offer a limited number of spaces at a reduced cost.

Please contact me to discuss or to find out more.