Making an initial appointment for psychotherapy

It can be a big step choosing to go into psychotherapy in the first place. It is also important to find the psychotherapist who is the right ‘fit’ for you.

I offer both an initial telephone conversation as well as a free 30-minute introductory meeting in order to help you decide. These are opportunities for you to talk about why you are looking for psychotherapy, for me to explain how I work, and for us to address any additional concerns or questions that you may have.

If you call and I am unable to pick up, please leave a message and I will aim to respond within 24 hours (or 48 hours if you call over the weekend).

Should you wish to start, we would then agree to meet for six sessions. There would be a review process near/at the end so that you could decide whether you would like to continue working together on an open-ended basis or if you would like the sessions to come to an end.

What happens during a typical session?

This varies from person to person and the relationship that we have with each other.  Generally, however, sessions are a chance for you to slow down, listen and re-connect with how you are right now as you talk about events from the present or the past. This is usually done by paying attention to physical sensations, images, feelings or your breathing, at a pace that is right for you.

I generally work from the floor, using cushions and futons, as this supports the intention to become more deeply embodied, although chairs are also available if you feel more comfortable sitting this way.

During sessions we may explore what is happening in the relationship between us as this provides the raw material to work through patterns from the past or reclaim hidden potential.

How long will we work together?

Again, this varies from person to person and also depends upon the nature of what you are wanting to work with, so could range from a period of months to several years. However, we would have regular reviews to find out if you are still finding the sessions useful.

Session Duration and Cost

Sessions are for an hour each time and we would aim – as far as possible – to meet on a weekly basis at the same time and day of the week.

My hourly rate is on a sliding scale from £60/hour for individual sessions although I also offer a limited number of  concessionary rates.